5 Things You Should Never Do When Falsely Accused Of A Crime

If you’re one of the unlucky people blamed for a crime you never committed, things can be quite frustrating and confusing. Even if you feel confident knowing that you had nothing to do with the crime, you never know what will happen in a court of law.

That said, if you’re suspected of a crime you’ve never committed, what you do and how you behave can mean the difference between a ‘guilty’ verdict and proving your innocence. This article shares five things you must never do when facing a criminal accusation.

1 – Not Working With A Lawyer

When accused of any crime, the worst thing you can do is to work on your own. Unless you have legal experience, you want to visit a reliable one criminal law firm and consult with an experienced lawyer who can protect your legal rights.

The right lawyer will protect your legal rights and help build a case and the right arguments to fight the charges you’re facing. Depending on the crime you’re falsely accused of, you’ll have to find a lawyer that specializes in that practice. For instance, if you’re falsely accused of domestic violence, you need to look for a family lawyer with enough experience in handling these cases. What’s more, if you’ve received an extradition request, an experienced lawyer can help you fight the extradition.

Regardless of what crime allegations you’re facing, working with a specialized lawyer ensures that you can fight for your rights properly.

2 – Not Controlling Your Anger

In general, people can’t help but get angry and frustrated when someone hurts them or does them wrong. However, letting anger take over you can only drain your energy and make you do impulsive things that won’t help your case.

Thus, you must never lose your cool and always stay calm. Even if other people, including your family and friends, criticize you, you must control your anger. Otherwise, the things you do or say during angry outbursts can be used against you.

3 – Confronting The Accuser

Along the same lines as not controlling your anger, confronting the accuser is something you should never do when you’ve been served.

While some people think that they can solve the issue by confronting the other party face to face, this is not how it works. If a person could easily change their mind after talking to you, they or wouldn’t even press charges.

You may end up threatening the accuser or saying other things that could work against your case. Plus, even if you never say anything bad during the confrontations, if the accuser shares this in court, it will give the impression that you went to scare them to back off from the case.

4 – Arguing With The Police Or Resisting Arrest

When the police arrive at your home or approach you in public, arresting you for a crime you never commit, it’s only natural that you want to fight back.

However, you must never argue with the police. Your words and actions can have serious consequences, especially if directed to the police. Never criticize them in any way. So, never run away or fight them in any way. This can give the impression that you’re not so innocent at all.

When they’re arresting you, don’t resist. If you do, the police will only use force, and your actions will be discussed in court, which can further hurt your case.

5 – Answering Questions Without A Lawyer

Once you’re taken into custody, you’ll be questioned by the police and the prosecutor. These people are experts in discussion manipulation just to get a statement out of you or to say things that can weaken your case.

This is something you should avoid, so never answer any question unless you have a lawyer beside you. According to the law, you don’t have to answer any questions. You should discuss things with your lawyer before answering any question so you won’t make any mistakes or say things that won’t be favorable to your case.

take away

False accusations can be life-changing and should be taken seriously. You may be innocent, but the things you do will be watched carefully. One wrong move and you may end up serving jail time. So, make sure to be mindful of your behaviors and keep in mind the things discussed above you should never do to ensure that you get acquitted.

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